Select a Best Domain Name

How Do Select a Best Domain Name? (6 Special Tips)

Why You Need the Best Domain?

Do you want to lose your brand value or business identity by selecting the wrong domain name?
I’m sure that you don’t want to lose your brand value or business identity by selecting the wrong domain. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to switch later to another domain if you selected the wrong domain name. Sometimes it’s impossible.

Now you can ask me, “How do I select the best domain name?

In this article, I will describe how you can select the best domain name for your website. Also, I will guide how you can take a domain name FREE OF COST.

  1. Rememberable, Easy to Type, and Keep It Short.
  2. Avoid Hyphens and Double Letters; Use Keywords
  3. Research the Targeted Audience
  4. Best Extension?
  5. Protect Your Domain Name With Brand Name
  6. Special Tips

How You Select the Best Domain Name?

Rememberable, Easy to Type, and Keep It Short

Make sure your domain name under 11 characters and easy to remember. You know! People do not feel interested in writing a longer domain name using smartphones or computers. Even it’s harder to remember from the visitors’ end. Even, If you plan to create a professional business email address, for example, [email protected], it’s mandatory to keep the domain name shorter and easy to understand and spell from the user and listener end.

Avoid Hyphens and Double Letters; Use Keywords

I don’t recommend to anyone to purchase a domain name with hyphens and double letters. Example: or If you purchase a domain name with hyphens and double letters, then there is a chance to miss the typos from the client end. As a result, the client will redirect to another site, and you will lose traffic. Even from the visitor end, it’s not easy to type a domain name with hyphens and double letters using their smartphones or computers.

I highly recommend to you please keep keywords on your domain name. Do you know? Keyword playing an important and most valuable role in a domain. By using keywords, you can tell your client and search engine about your website content. Even it helps to get rank on Google search engine.


Before selecting a domain name, please research the targeted audience. Make sure the domain is easy to pronunciation from your audience end. Also, please make sure the domain name you selected isn’t registered business by someone.

Best Extension?

My first choice is to go with the .com extension. You know! It’s a most preferred domain extension than any other extensions. Even you know! Most of the browsers offer shortcut keys to visit this domain. Example type “drone host” and press CTRL+Enter (windows) or Command+Enter (mac). You will automatically redirect to “” You will see most smartphones have a “.com” extension button on the keyboard when you want to write something on the browser.
There were many reasons to select the “.com” domain.
– Easy to remember.
– Easy for tech-savvy visitors who will automatically type “.com” at the end of every domain without thinking about it.
Below is a list of extensions; it will help you.

Protect Your Domain Name With Brand Name

Don’t be stopped by purchasing one domain extension. To protect your brand identity domain name, I highly recommend to you purchase multiple domain extensions.

Special Tips

Purchase Your Selected Domain as Fast as Possible

You know! This industry has millions of domains. And thousands of active people are looking for good domain names. So, you have to take it first before you lose it.

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