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Create a FREE Business email in 5 minutes

Create a FREE Business email in 5 minutes #2021

Before creating a business website I think creating a business email is mandatory. Because it earns trust from your visitor.
A business email “[email protected]” is no different than word-of-mouth marketing. Simple when you tell people your email address “[email protected]” then behind the scene you are promoting your business website “yourdomain.com”. It’s even easy to remember.

#2 Important Reasons to create business email addresses

Improves branding and Trustworthiness

The first impressions are most important for any brand. A professional business email can create a sense of trust from visitors.

Flexibility and Organise email by department

You know on Gmail, yahoo it’s hard to get your desired free email address but in your own domain, there is no limit to creating email addresses like ‘info’, ‘support’, ’hello’, ‘sale’ etc. So, your client or visitors can raise directly to the responsible department. Moreover, it helps to avoid the trouble of forwarding messages.

In this video, I describe how you can create a business email in 5 minutes using cPanel.


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