Checklist before publishing a website

Checklist before publishing a website

Did you forget any tests before publishing your website?

Publishing a website can be stressful. If you have not created a test list before publishing your website, then you can read the below article.

I have described a shortlist where you will know important things to do before publishing a website.

A backup can be a lifesaver?

I know many people who have lost their visitors, client, and many things. It’s because of website data removal or hacking. So, I think a website backup service can be a lifesaver. Count a backup as a last resort of your website. If something goes wrong then you have the opportunity to recover.

Secure your website With SSL

SSL is the most important thing for any website regarding security. There is no excuse for skipping SEO. Even Google recommends it—most of the web hosting offering FREE SSL ( If not, you may use the Let’s Encrypt free certificate on your website.

Proofread (is it essential?)

Yes, check your content multiple times and make sure you have the English quality (or the language of your site). You can use apps like Grammarly to do this job or by hiring an expert. And I think this is the basic first step before publishing your website.

Optimize for mobile and other devices

Do you know? A good percentage of people visit your website on mobile phones. So, first thing first. When you start designing your website, you have to ensure that. Any doubt? Ask me.

Test out forms

Before going live, check the website forms are working or not. If you are getting any errors, fix them first, then launch your website.

Check on-page SEO

If you thought you don’t need on-page SEO before publishing your website, then answer me how can you get a rank on Google or other search engines?

Link your social media

By linking social media can earn trust from the visitor end.

Check copyright date

Don’t leave your website copyright data as the WordPress theme has. I have seen a few WordPress theme comes with old or out date. So, please make sure you have a current date on copyright data.

Carefully place CTAs (Call to action)

CTA’s is the most important elements on any website’s internal or external navigation. make sure you have eye-catchy buttons (CTAs) by your brand.

Optimize website photos

Before publishing your website make sure you optimize your website photo size, meta, and alt.

Link your logo to your homepage

Check broken links

Make sure you don’t have any broken links on your website. Broken links can create a bad impact on visitor mind, search engines like Google.

Configure permalinks

On the WordPress website, you can check by login dashboard and navigating Setting > Permalinks.
Permalinks describe the content. A good permalink can make your website pages easy to remember, more usable, and more SEO-friendly.

XML sitemaps

Sitemaps are most important for SEO. Most WordPress SEO plugins usually create a sitemap for you automatically, but you should double-check that before publishing your website.

Check your robots.txt file

A robots.txt file helps search engines to crawl your website more efficiently.

Set Timezone

You are not worried about that? OH! All scheduled activities WordPress plugins following your WordPress timezone. You can set this by going to Settings –> General

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